Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Natural Cleaning Products

The Importance of using non toxic cleaning products

The environment is under assault—there’s global warming, toxic chemicals in our air and water, landfills, stripped mines, pesticides in the farmland, just to name of few of our Mother Earth’s challenges. Natural household cleaners are a safe alternative to chemical cleaners for a clean, greener home, and "green cleaning" is a more pleasant experience than cleaning with toxic products.

Cleaning products typically contain dangerous toxic irritants and dyes. Some even contain solvents. Household bleach is a corrosive irritant and many multi-purpose cleaners contain a cocktail of chemicals, including ones which are thought to act on the central nervous system. Many people have developed allergies and environmental illness as a result of over-exposure to the toxins in the environment, and that includes exposure to dangerous chemicals in cleaning products.

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beth said...

Hi There Kartika, your art is very spiritual, I like it. Keep blogging, and stop by again, I will do the same.


Jasmine said...

I like this thought. I often save lemons for cleaning around the sink and clean with vinegar where I can. These things are important. The earth needs our love.