Friday, September 11, 2009

Heated up Rhetoric Stirs up the Reptiles

Heated up Rhetoric Stirs up the Reptiles
Since Obama has taken office, the Right wing propaganda machine is doing what totalitarian regimes, fascists, institutions, and churches, and bosses have done throughout human history—motivate the masses by stimulating the Reptilian brain. They manufacture false threats to activate people’s deepest fears, and then use these people as pawns to do their dirty work. Once they get the crowds foaming at the mouth and calling for blood, they distance themselves just enough to claim innocence and insist they are only listening to the will of the people. If the targets of their hate are assassinated or denigrated, they refuse to take responsibility for stoking the fires. They claim status as the only real patriots, Americans, Christians, or whatever the case may be, and marginalize all who don’t serve their agenda to gain more power, control, and money. While the men behind the curtain may be smarter than the pawns, they are driven by their own Reptilian instincts to control the masses of the misinformed and vulnerable, while aligning themselves with other reptiles with the same agendas.

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cconz said...

Hear, hear kartika!! It just makes me SICK! I wonder why the people on the left 0of things are'nt as loud and sinister as the right. Just plain evil.

kartika said...

I know! The horrible disinformation is sleazy! I am so glad we are fighting back - but they seem to keep getting more and more outrageous!

Chris said...

NICE post. I think I will follow along for a while.

You commented on one of my blogs ages ago. I came across that again and that is how I got here today.