Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Collage and Mixed Media tips - Getting Started!

Hey there! As you know, I love collage and mixed media! Here are some quick and easy tips it took me some time to figure out. I had to research and dig a bit to learn these basics, but they make a huge difference for me!

Having the right tools and materials makes all the difference! If you are working in mixed media and want the freedom to use lots of layers, fabric, found objects, and more, make sure your supports are strong - I recommend going to the hardware store and having them cut a plywood board into desired sizes. This is cheaper than buying from art stores!

Always prepare your surface carefully by sanding the rough edges and using gesso. Gesso comes in white, black, and even clear. I love using white gesso because the light shines through when adding transparent paints!

Start layering your board with colors that entice you. I use Golden acrylic paint in a variety of transparent colors and combine with the opaque colors for contrast. Put down high quality images from magazines, computer images, etc. with matte medium.

First, brush the side you are placing on the board and adhere it firmly using a brayer. Then go over the image with more matte medium to prepare it for adding paint. Use the brayer and your fingers often to make certain your images are flat and will not buckle!

Next, you can blend the edges of your images with Titan buff. Continue layering paint and images as you create a pleasing design! You can correct mistakes by painting Titan Buff over them and starting over.
Experiment with garage sale finds, jewelry, papers, and favorite found objects to create dimension and interest - just go for it!

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