Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting Christmas Gifts

It's the Season for Knitting

It’s fall and, as usual, my thoughts are turning to yarn. It’s chilly at night and I’m now wearing a jean jacket sometimes – soon it will be time to wear those wool hats and scarves I made last year and go back to my knitting circle. And, it’s not too early to think about starting some projects for Christmas gifts.

Join a Knitting Group!

A great way to get you started on projects is to join a local knitting group this fall! These groups are great if you are a beginner or seasoned knitter. If you get started now, you'll have plenty of time to make wonderful hand-made gifts for the holidays. I recommend finding a knitting group that has an experience knitter whose job is to help people conquer their knitting projects. Knitting is now so fashionable and popular, all cities and many smaller towns, have knitting supply stores with classes and knitting groups.

There’s something comforting and nourishing about sitting in a circle of knitters, especially when it’s cold and there’s snow and ice on the sidewalk. Of course you can be happy knitting in any weather, but I’m a seasonal knitter. It’s primal—working with your hands in a group of mostly women who are talking knitting—what project are you working on, what size are your needles, what kind of yarn is that, and can you help me with this? It’ fun to see the amazing talent some knitters have and the beautiful and complex things they make. For centuries, women have sat together knitting and doing crafts, making beautiful and practical things. It’s good for our souls.

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cconz said...

Kartika, I tried finding you on hub pages but no luck. I don't know if i get it. is it a site where people write about things they know about? I wish i could knit. The yarn i've seen is sooo gorgous. You need to make it so there is a link to hubpages from your blog.

itsinthestarsblog said...

Have you started buying or making your Christmas gifts yet? Here's a survey on Christmas gifts at and I would love to know what other people's plans are!